Considering the rapid digital changes in the Kingdom

We have prepared a comprehensive performance report to monitor the digital performance of ministries for the year 2022 on their social media platforms and websites.

In order to prepare this report, a partnership was established between Extend | The Ad Network and the global company, Emplifi to provide the latest tools and techniques for digital performance analysis.

Which helped us understand the behaviors and interests of citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and how they respond to ministries' accounts.

About the Report

The State of Digital Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2022 will help all individuals, especially those affiliated with government entities and those interested in changes in the digital world, to learn about the latest developments in the performance of Saudi ministries online.

This report enhances keeping pace with changes in the digital world and the Kingdom's quest to be the first digital pioneer by building a solid digital infrastructure that suits the needs of its digital readiness, empowering its workforce, and supporting its private sector in several areas.

The data in this report were analyzed based on several factors, including performance analysis, follower overview and quick response to them, tracking of tags used, user performance analysis, and Saudi ministries' posts that obtained the highest interaction analysis. Also, analyze websites by measuring their local and global ranking, users visiting behavior, and users' participation and engagement.

Report Includes

  • Research methodology
  • Monitoring and analyzing ministries' accounts on social media platforms
  • Monitoring and analyzing ministries' public mentions
  • Analyzing the audience engagement with ministries
  • Ministries’ website analysis
  • Comprehensive measurement of ministries' performance and ranking

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